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Saint-François d'Assise is an independant catholic school based in Viroflay, western Paris, welcoming around 170 boys and girls from the age of 3 until the 7th Class (CM2 in France).

It is indeed a very dynamic school in many areas:

From a religious perspective, parents are involved with faculties all along the year to teach pastoral and religious culture, and organize religious events.
Pedagogically, classes are organized in cycles. And when a child faces difficulties, the school's staff helps and supports him/her.

Cultural and artistic projects involving children happen all along the year (e.g. outdoor mural painting, novel writing, etc.).

Regular sports activities take place in the school and in city's sports facilities (swimming, ping-pong, gymnastics, etc.).

While French is the natural langage of Saint-François of each and every session, children learn English in half-groups during their Cycle 3; and in other cycles, a basic initiation to English is given.

Two milestones are expected every year:
- Christmas' celebration; and
- June's carnival.

Mrs Martine AUCOIN

L'école Saint-François d'Assise de Viroflay en 2010